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Notes from Grateful Families

"Thank You for Letting Me Be a Mom"

"Thank you so much for listening and understanding. I appreciate so much the advocacy and coordination or care. Thank you for taking your time and making me feel like we were your only patients. Thank you for being calm, clear and comprehensive. Thank you for smiling at me and reaching out to touch my arm when you saw I needed a friend and not just a doctor. Thank you for keeping your word and following through with all of my requests. Thank you for being "real", truthful, and honest. And thank you for just letting me be a mom."

"Amazing Care"

"My hospital doctor took such amazing care of our daughter. We can't say enough about his kindness, compassion, and professionalism. We couldn't have asked for more and we are extremely grateful!"

"Thank You for Your Patience"

"Thank you, to my hospital doctor, for overseeing the team that week. Thanks for the excellent care my daughter received while here. Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me those many times and answering questions."

"Dedication to Patients and Families"

"I would like to commend my hospital doctor for recognizing a patient in a crisis situation, ensuring she was receiving the most appropriate level of care and following through. He took extra time and effort to find out what was wrong and get her treatment before it was too late. His hard work and dedication to patients and their families makes me proud of Golisano Children's Hospital at URMC."

"Taking Time for Families"

"My hospital doctor took the time to listen to every concern and question. She even returned to our unit to re-check in with us before discharge, although she was off the unit."

"The Best Team of Doctors"

"My hospital doctor was very friendly and comforting. His demeanor was not intimidating but comforting to my husband and I, as well as our son. His confidence and knowledge made us feel like our son had the best team of doctors. My hospital doctor was very thorough with his plan for our son and never made us feel rushed when consulting with us."