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Parking Fees

Important Parking Information

  • Parking Fees (as of April 2009)
    0 – 30 minutes Free
    31 minutes– 60 minutes $3.00
    61 minutes – 2 hours $5.00
    2 hours - 24 hours $6.00
    Take your ticket with you when entering the hospital.
  • Visitors who misplace their parking tickets will be charged at the maximum daily rate of $6.
  • Obtain a day pass at the parking booth exit if you will be returning on the same day. Day pass valid for 24 hours, from the entry time stamp on receipt. View locations and hours of operation.
  • Multiple-day from1-7 day parking passes can be purchased for $6 per day. Pass must be purchased prior to exiting the visitor parking areas.
  • Validation stickers may be purchased (minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10) at any of the locations mentioned above. The cost of a sticker is $4.50 and is good for one exit up to $6. Stickers do not expire.
  • Bone Marrow Transplant patients and parents of pediatric patients may purchase double the maximum number of validation stickers at a special rate upon presentation of SMH admission paperwork to the Cashier's Office only.