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Golisano Children's Hospital / Directions & Visiting Information / Getting Help with Special Needs


Getting Help with Special Needs

Children With Special NeedsWe believe that patients and their families deserve clear and thorough communication about their health care, so we offer a variety of interpretation services for patients. Let us know if:

  • You or your child's English vocabulary is limited
  • You or your child is Deaf or hard of hearing. (Tools for those who are Deaf or hard of hearing are available, including amplified telephone handsets, teletypewriter, and closed caption decoders.)
  • You or your child speaks sign language.
  • You or your child's primary language is not English. (We can accommodate some foreign language needs on site and most other language needs through our contract with Cyracom, a telephonic interpreter service for more than 140 languages and dialects.)

Contact any of the following to discuss your needs:

  • Your child's admission representative
  • Your child's nurse or doctor
  • Our Social Work Department at (585) 275-2851
  • Our Interpreter Service at (585) 275-4778 (English) or (585) 275-7998 (Spanish).