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Amputation Management

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What is Amputation Management?

Every year, thousands of Americans undergo an amputation of a limb. We understand this is a life-changing event, so we bring a comprehensive approach to caring for patients that extends well beyond surgery.

UR Medicine's Approach

Our amputation management program provides interdisciplinary care of patients with amputations. Services include consultation and education both before and after amputation surgeries.

After-amputation care includes:

  • Education to optimize outcomes, including prevention of contractures, limb edema management, and skin complications
  • Evaluating and monitoring physical and occupational therapy needs
  • Assessing need for an assistive device or durable medical equipment (DME)
  • On-site work with a prosthetist for customized prosthesis design and evaluation for proper fit and gait
  • Monitoring and treatment of related issues such as phantom pain, neuromas, etc.
  • Help connecting with community resources

What Sets Us Apart?

We’re the only academic medical center in the area, so our physicians are also involved in studies of the latest treatments. That means our patients’ care is informed by the very latest findings and research.

Our experts have won awards for both the care they provide and the research they do.


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