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Cognitive Rehabilitation

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What is Cognitive Rehabilitation?

Individuals who suffer from cognitive difficulties may feel overwhelmed, disorganized, and frustrated because of reduced information-processing abilities. 

Common concerns we treat include:

  • Changes in communication, including word-finding difficulties
  • Reduced ability to process information
  • Reduced attention or memory
  • Difficulty with planning or initiation
  • Reduced organizational abilities
  • Difficulty with multi-tasking
  • Cognitive overload

UR Medicine's Approach

Our Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Program (ICRP) begins with a multidisciplinary evaluation to identify a participant’s cognitive and functional needs. Our team then collaboratively develops a treatment plan tailored to the individual.

We strive to include caregivers and family members in our process and we encourage participants to take an active role in goal-setting and guiding their specific cognitive rehab program.

The initial ICRP clinic appointment takes about three hours, with assessments by experts from different specialties so they can get to know you. After your appointment, the ICRP team will meet to develop a specific cognitive rehab treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. You will then work individually with your assigned ICRP provider/providers for regular appointments to meet your identified treatment goals.

Please note that ICRP does not diagnose. You should look to your referring provider or primary care physician for a specific diagnosis and medical treatment planning.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine’s Integrative Cognitive Rehabilitation Program brings together experts from several different specialties to provide complete care.


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