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Employee Orthopaedic Health Program

A data-driven solution to improving musculoskeletal health.

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Employee Orthopaedic Health Program

The musculoskeletal system refers to all the body parts that help you move. It includes your bones, muscles, joints and ligaments. It also provides support and protection for the body. This is why musculoskeletal health is critical to your quality of life.

Musculoskeletal pain can drastically impact your life. It can affect your ability to do everyday activities, as well as your ability to work. In fact, musculoskeletal injury is a leading cause of disability. That's why UR Medicine now offers the Employee Orthopaedic Health Program to help employees stay healthy and safe.

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What to Expect from the Employee Orthopaedic Health Program

Improving Health, Reducing Risk, and Changing Lives

The UR Medicine Employee Orthopaedic Health Program helps employees improve their musculoskeletal health and reduce their risk of injury. It promotes prevention and healthy behaviors, rather than just treating injuries after they have happened. We evaluate each employee's individual risk level, using an assessment called Movement Metrics. This exclusive system screens for musculoskeletal injury risk factors. After the screening, participants work with a clinician to identify appropriate strategies to lower their risk. 

What is Movement Metrics?
Movement Metrics uses state-of-the-art 3-D imaging to evaluate your employee’s posture, balance, endurance, coordination, flexibility and other physical attributes. This helps us determine how to improve your employee’s musculoskeletal health and allows each employee to track their results.

3 Steps to Improved Musculoskeletal Health

Step 1: Schedule a screening & fill out an online questionnaire. First, employees will schedule their Movement Metrics screening. Once scheduled, they'll get an email with instructions to register online and fill out a brief questionnaire.

Step 2: Evaluation to show us how you move. Next, employees will complete a series of functional activities. This will help us determine their starting point so we can work with them at their level.

Step 3: Get results & create a plan of action. We'll calculate employee's overall injury risk score based on their physical, ergonomic and psychosocial screening. Then, we'll build individual's a health profile to provide an action plan with UR Medicine's experts to improve employee's health. 

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What Sets Us Apart?

Individualized Training for Your Employees

Employee’s assessment indicates that they are at risk, and may qualify for a program called Orthopaedic Management. Here they’ll receive personalized exercise instruction, and a customized care plan. Participants will take an active role in managing their health, and will learn how to incorporate healthy new behaviors into their lives.


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