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HeartSaver Hub Mobile Kiosk

Join the Community of Life-Savers

Welcome to the Heartsaver Hub, proudly brought to you in collaboration with the American Heart Association. We're excited to introduce two new resources that will empower you to become a life-saver: our hands-only mobile CPR kiosk and library "go-bags" program.

Our cutting-edge hands-only CPR kiosk is designed to make learning CPR easy and accessible for everyone. With a user-friendly touchscreen, you'll be guided through a quick video program that covers essential CPR techniques. Following the training, you'll have the opportunity to practice what you've learned with a manikin, followed by a 30-second CPR test. The kiosk provides real-time feedback on compression depth, rate, and hand placement, ensuring you gain confidence in your life-saving skills.


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UR Medicine's Approach

Bringing CPR to YoUR Community

Our mobile kiosk is hitting the road and will be making appearances at various events and locations throughout the Rochester area. Keep an eye out for us at local community events and public spaces.


Currently: UR Medicine Orthopedic Center

Upcoming: Bills Camp at St. John Fisher in August

We're expanding our reach to other locations soon. Keep checking back for updates on where you can find our mobile kiosk next.

"Go-Bags": CPR Training at Your Fingertips

This fall, we're launching a game-changing initiative, making CPR training tools accessible to everyone in the community. Our public libraries will now be equipped with "go-bags" that you can easily check out, just like borrowing a book. Inside these handy bags, you'll discover life-saving CPR training tools, allowing you to practice and refresh your skills whenever and wherever you want.

What Sets Us Apart?

Why CPR Matters: Be the Difference

Did you know that 350,000 people in the U.S. experience sudden cardiac arrest in their communities every year? Tragically, only 10% of those who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests survive. Most of these emergencies happen in homes and private residences.

However, the good news is that immediate CPR can double or even triple the chances of survival after cardiac arrest. That's why learning CPR is a critical skill that everyone should have. By joining the Heartsaver Hub and mastering CPR, you can be the difference between life and death for someone in need.

Learn More and Save Lives

Ready to become a life-saver? Learn more about hands-only CPR and the life-saving potential it offers. Visit the American Heart Association to find additional resources.

Remember, every second counts – Be prepared to save a life!

Patient Education & Support

Video: Hands-on with the Heartsaver Hub
Video: This video demonstrates setting up your Monroe County library CPR kit manikin.

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