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Hip Preservation Program

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The UR Medicine Hip Preservation Program is the only comprehensive program of its kind in the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region. Our team provides a new approach for active people of all ages with hip pain. By focusing on the full spectrum of hip pain and offering the very latest treatments, we are giving active patients new hope for an active, pain-free life.

Our program looks for the best ways to preserve and optimize your hip's natural anatomy through less-invasive surgeries, or by avoiding surgery altogether.

By the Numbers

15,000+ Orthopaedic surgeries performed annually

200,000+ Orthopaedic visits each year

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What to Expect from the Hip Preservation Program

The Hip Preservation Program at UR Medicine offers the most advanced treatment options for hip joint injuries. We have specialists who use the latest methods to help patients return to their sport or active lifestyle:

Nonsurgical treatment options: physical, manual and aquatic therapy, injections, active release technique, and anti-inflammatory medications can often effectively provide pain relief.

Hip arthroscopy: A minimally-invasive surgical technique used to look inside the hip joint and address concerns. Small incisions are used to place an arthroscope (a camera) and tools needed for the surgery inside your hip. 

Osteotomy: the bones in your hip are realigned to improve the distribution of forces across the cartilage surface. This procedure can often reduce pain and instability and potentially delay a hip replacement—or eliminate the need for it. 

Surgical Dislocation: Some surgical procedures require unrestricted access deep inside the hip, which cannot happen when the joint is sealed together. Dislocating the hip enables the surgeon to see and reach deep into the joint to address abnormalities in any area of the hip. 

Cartilage Restoration: When the cartilage is not healthy, various techniques can be used to try to save the "shock absorbers" in the joint. 

What if I need a hip replacement? While our program offers many surgical and non-surgical solutions to hip pain, some patients may still need a hip replacement or hip resurfacing. If this is the case, we have a team of experts for hip resurfacing and both posterior and anterior approaches to hip replacement.

What Sets Us Apart?

The Hip Preservation Program is the largest hip treatment center in the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region, and one of the only centers of its kind in the United States. Our surgeons are orthopaedic specialists with advanced training that makes them uniquely qualified for treating hip pain.

New surgical options 
If surgery is needed, our program offers a wide range of options that are highly effective at reducing hip pain, and improving function.

A collaborative team approach 
You will be cared for by a team that includes pediatric and adult hip preservation surgeons, nurses, physician's assistants, therapists, and other specialists, who are all highly experienced at treating hip pain.


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