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Occupational & Environmental Medicine

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At the Department of Environmental Medicine, we are a dedicated and united team consisting of faculty members, fellows, students, and staff. Our primary objective is to mitigate illnesses and enhance overall health by conducting multidisciplinary research on environmental factors that are known or suspected to contribute to various diseases and disorders. Our department encourages and facilitates various activities, including basic and translational biomedical research, graduate and postgraduate education and training, and clinical programs in occupational health and environmental medicine.

UR Medicine Occupational Medicine is a division of the Department of Environmental Medicine that provides an evidence-based approach to make your workplace safer and healthier—while providing the advanced care employees need when they become sick or injured at work.

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Environmental Medicine

UR Medicine's Approach

Occupational Medicine Programs 

Physical Examinations and Medical Surveillance Programs

  • Pre-placement, annual, and periodic health assessments
  • Drug Testing
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services
  • Fitness for duty examinations
  • Occupational lung disease evaluation and surveillance
  • Asbestos surveillance and training programs

Occupational injury and illness care

  • Disability case management
  • Occupational behavioral medicine services
  • Occupational illness and injury prevention education

Workplace ergonomics, safety and environmental analysis

  • Industrial/commercial hazard analysis
  • Gas, vapor and particulate air sampling and analysis
  • Environmental sampling and analysis
  • Industrial hygiene consultations
  • Accident analysis
  • Ergonomic assessments and programs

Assistance with regulatory requirements

Safety and Wellness programs

What Sets Us Apart?

The Institute for Human Health and the Environment (IHHE) at the University of Rochester recognizes the vital role of our environment in determining our health and quality of life. Our approach to solving pressing health issues involves sustained commitment to collaborative research, education, and engagement. IHHE brings together programs and expertise from across the university to tackle major issues that intersect environmental factors and human health. Our transdisciplinary research focuses on the following key areas:

  • Climate change and health
  • Environmental justice
  • What's in our water and air and how it impacts our health
  • How environmental factors shape health across our whole lifetime


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