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Catalyzing scientific discoveries and creating innovative solutions for the 21st Century’s most pressing problems

2024 IHHE Exploration Grant Scholarship Application Now Open

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Institute for Human Health and the Environment

The environment we live in plays a huge role in our health: quality of life and longevity are more closely tied to zip code than genetic code. At the University of Rochester’s Institute for Human Health and the Environment (IHHE), we believe that solutions to the 21st century’s most pressing health issues require collaborative, creative, and sustained commitment to research, education, and engagement to understand how the environment influences health across the lifespan.

The IHHE integrates programs and expertise across the University of Rochester, fostering new collaborations and approaches to create effective solutions to major issues that are at the intersection of environmental factors and human health. Key areas of transdisciplinary research will be related to:

  • Climate change and health
  • Environmental justice
  • What’s in our water and air and how it impacts our health
  • How environmental factors shape health across our whole lifetime


The IHHE is anchored by 3 interactive pillars: Career Development & Education, Research, and Engagement.



The Institute supports education and career development across all career stages, with a focus on enhancing and diversifying the environmental health workforce.



Creating new opportunities to share knowledge and different points of view and catalyzing unique collaborations will foster scientific synergies and propel research on environmental health.



By engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, the Institute will transform knowledge on how the environment influences health into actions that tangibly improve the health of communities.

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