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What is Telepsychiatry?

The Telepsychiatry Program is designed to provide consultations for skilled nursing facility residents and rural hospitals.

Telepsychiatry, administered by the UR Medicine Department of Psychiatry, allows patients to receive timely and specialty consultation using interactive telemedicine technology, to avoid having to make a visit.

What to Expect from the Telepsychiatry

For Long-term Care Facility Residents

Our telepsychiatry services are available to all residents (new or existing patients) who live in a facility that contracts with the service.

For Rural Hospitals

Our telepsychiatry program offers assistance in diagnosis and treatment.

What Sets Us Apart?

For long-term care facility residents, the program can:

  • Assist the long-term care treatment team to successfully treat delirium, depression, disruptive behaviors, and other psychiatric conditions
  • Encourage interaction among patients, providers, and specialists to develop the best possible plan of care
  • Ensure continuity of care and improve health outcomes
  • Eliminate the need for transportation of facility residents to a mental health provider’s office
  • Reduce hospital readmissions
  • Provide residents with care in the comfort of their own rooms

For rural hospitals, the program helps with:

  • Diagnosis and interventions
  • Recommending treatment for difficult or rare cases
  • Providing evaluation and consultation, as well as educating patients about their condition

Patient Education & Support

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