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Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

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What is Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome?

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, or male hypogonadism, occurs when the body does not produce enough testosterone, the main male hormone. Testosterone plays a key role in an individual's sex drive, muscle mass, and mental and physical energy.

This condition generally affects older individuals, but younger patients can also be affected.

While the term “andropause” is sometimes used for this condition, it is inaccurate. Unlike menopause, testosterone deficiency syndrome is not an inevitable result of aging.


  • Reduced libido
  • Difficulty obtaining or keeping an erection
  • Difficulty concentrating or making decisions
  • Poor results from exercise programs
  • Increase in body fat
  • Loss of lean body (muscle) mass
  • Loss of bone density
  • Depression
  • Poor work performance
  • Unfavorable changes in cholesterol profile

Testosterone deficiency syndrome can contribute to the start or worsening of various diseases. This can include:

  • Increased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Increased risk of death from a cardiovascular event
  • Increased risk of metabolic syndrome: high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, excess belly fat and abnormal cholesterol levels
  • Strong association with diabetes
  • Strong association with atherosclerotic disease of the aorta
  • Higher incidence of prostate cancer
  • Association with more aggressive variants of cancer

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UR Medicine's Treatments for Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome

Testosterone deficiency is typically diagnosed with a simple blood test.

When a specific cause for testosterone deficiency is identified, treatment can be focused on that cause. In the case of excess pituitary secretion of hormones, for example, medicine or surgery may be used to correct the underlying problem.

When no specific cause can be identified, testosterone replacement therapy is the most common treatment. Testosterone replacement therapy raises the body’s testosterone levels through regular administration of testosterone. Various methods can be used: patches, gels, Intramuscular testosterone supplementation (delivered through periodic injections), or “pellets” implanted beneath the skin.

What Sets Us Apart?

UR Medicine Urology provides the Rochester metropolitan area and surrounding region's most advanced and complete urologic care. We have the most highly trained specialists. Many of our doctors are fellowship trained, the highest level of education available.

We use the most advanced technology to perform procedures such as minimally invasive robotic surgery. We also use the latest da Vinci Surgical System, with high-definition 3D imaging to enhance the surgeon's vision during procedures.

As part of an academic medical center, we’re involved in the very latest research to develop more effective treatments.


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