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URMC / Deaf Wellness Center / Demand Control Schema / Evaluation Comments

Evaluation Comments

"Absolutely the most effective workshop I have ever attended (in over 11 years). What a refreshing schema. I can't wait to put this into practice. I would attend this workshop again to catch even more nuances of demand-control. Robyn is an excellent presenter: knowledgeable, engaging, funny and passionate about the field of interpreting."

"Robyn Dean is a dynamic speaker. Robyn Dean's rapport with the group - 2 thumbs up!"

"I was involved and felt a part of the discussion/lecture the whole time."

"I found this workshop very affirming and comforting. It's nice to know that there is a label and recognition for what is really going on in our field. I am proud to say that I make the interpreting choices that I do make--- thanks!"

"Excellent! Finally the missing piece! Gives field of interpreting and our day to day week that we face a much brighter future. Thank you! What a pleasure!"

"Excellent workshop! Really helped relieve a lot internal conflict I have been feeling. We need [Robyn Dean] to keep doing this work."

"Please get every ITP talking about this with their students. It's neat to see the interpreter profession move forward by exploring and teaching this theory! Long overdue and much needed."

"Robyn and Bob are able to convey complex theory and definitions and apply these to interpreters' everyday experiences and gut impressions. For veteran interpreters this finally explains our subjective experience of our work."

"Very much needed for new and budding interpreters but also for folks who are experienced so as to think about situation in new light."

"It gives me a sense of empowerment and a better understanding of what is going on inside when things don't seem just right."

"Works for students, practitioners, and educators, supervisors, mentors. A model! Truly innovative."