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We are now enrolling study volunteers. You must be 18 or older, deaf, and fluent in ASL. See further information on the left side of this box.

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The Deaf Wellness Center and the National Center for Deaf Health Research at the University of Rochester are doing a research study about “informed consent.” We need 144 deaf volunteers (age 18 or older) who use and understand American Sign Language (ASL). The study, described below, takes about two hours and you will receive a check for $50 and a voucher for free parking or free bus transportation. The study involves some reading, watching some ASL videos, and answering questions during an interview with a sign-fluent research team member. We are filling appointment slots from now to 2015!

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About this study. Do you ever sign papers that you don’t fully understand, like permission for medical care or paperwork when buying a house or car? Those are “informed consent” papers. They are legally very powerful, often difficult to read, and can be dangerous if you don’t understand them fully. We are comparing three ways to offer “informed consent” information to deaf people who use ASL: (1) in written English, (2) in ASL, with one signer describing the information, and (3) in ASL with two signers discussing the information. Help us learn which method is best. We hope this research will influence how doctors and researchers offer “informed consent” information in the future.

The study director is Robert Pollard, Ph.D. Study team members include both Deaf and hearing researchers.

Download the Consent Study Project Overview PowerPoint Presentation .

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