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Didactic Courses

GPR residents have to attend core course and program-required courses to supplement and support their clinical experiences.

Core Courses

  • Residents in classDEN 400: Medical-Dental Inter-relationships
  • DEN 401: Dentistry for Geriatric Patients and for People with ILDD  
  • DEN 407: Ethical Guidelines for Dentists
  • DEN 409:  Orofacial Pain and Headaches
  • DEN 411: Oral Diseases and Pathologies
  • DEN 412: Oral Implantology
  • DEN 413: Advanced Oral Implantology
  • DEN 415: Practice Management
  • DEN 416: Advanced Oral Medicine and Clinical Pathology
  • DEN 417: Principles of Evidence-Based Dentistry
  • DEN 440: Control of Pain and Anxiety with Anesthesia Techniques
  • DEN 441: Physical Diagnosis 
  • DEN 442: Basic Concepts in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • DEN 443: Basic Dental Implantology

Program Courses

  • Clinical Dentistry and Treatment Planning Case Conference
  • Literature Review
  • Endodontics Workshop
  • Prosthodontics Seminar
  • Periodontics Seminar
  • Hospital Organization and Credentialing
  • General Practice Presentation

Required Rotations

The GPR program provides patient care in three sites – Strong Memorial Hospital, Eastman Institute for Oral Health Main Building, and Eastman Institute for Oral Health Downtown.

SurgeryStrong Memorial Hospital

  • Anesthesia (72 hours)
  • Emergency Medicine (72 hours)
  • Hospital Dentistry
  • Operating Room
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Eastman Institute for Oral Health (Main Building)

  • Specialty Care Clinic
  • Howitt Urgent Dental Care Center

Eastman Institute for Oral Health (Sibley Building)

  • Downtown Clinic


Emergency Room signThe after-hours emergency service provides GPR residents with experience in diagnoses and management of patients with acute dental needs (odontogenic infection, odontalgia, dentoalveolar and soft tissue trauma, post-operating bleeding) in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Calls are taken from home via a pager. The GPR resident on-call will go to the ED to evaluate and manage dental patients when paged. On-call coverage is every day, including weekends and holidays.