Eastman Dental Specialty Care

Age-Friendly Health Systems

We are the first oral healthcare provider in the U.S. to be recognized as an Age-Friendly Health System Participant!


What is it that makes you, you?

At Eastman Dental, we believe in embracing your unique qualities. And if you have a special or complex condition, you need a dentist who understands you. That’s why we’ve created Eastman Dental Specialty Care, an inclusive dental program where you can get the care you need.

What is Eastman Dental Specialty Care?

Eastman Dental Specialty Care is a new program that offers tailored, coordinated care to people who have complex conditions. It is a welcoming environment, staffed with dentists who understand your unique needs.

We take a team approach to give each patient comprehensive care. Our general dentists and dental specialists work with your medical doctor to ensure your treatment is precisely customized to you.