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Grateful Patients

Jill Terhune photo"Dr. T. is so laid back, easy going and funny! She and Cindy are such a caring team," patient Jill Terhune, who received treatment at Eastman Dental School 17, and had a fear of dentists. "I had nothing to be afraid of. I feel like a new person!"

Theresa Nelson and Dr. Liu"I feel so grateful to Dr. Liu for diagnosing the source of my severe tooth pain," she explained. "While it is a two-hour drive for me to get to Eastman Dental, I feel it is well worth it to have Dr. Liu address the health of my teeth." ---Theresa Nelson

Smile Makeover Winner Greg Ras

Greg's family and docs

"It's been exceptional care--so professional, smart and caring through every step of the process." - Colleen Ras, mother of Smile Makeover winner Gregory Ras.

Gregory had been diagnosed with two congenital conditions where some of his teeth were missing, and the ones he did have were smaller than normal size.

greg before smile Greg after smile

The specialists in Eastman Dental's Prosthodontics, Periodontics and Orthodontics divisions collaborated to develop Greg's treatment plan. After two years and four months, Greg is loving his smile, and says he loves his new smile and says people treat him differently.

"Dr. Elad saved my life. I couldn't stand the way I was living anymore. No one else seemed to know or care what I had, but she took the time." said Kathy, who suffered from intense oral pain and was struggling to eat. "She's very personable and truly cares. I'll never forget the first time I sat down and had a cheeseburger..I was so thankful!"

"After 60 years of being terrified of seeing any dentist, I have found the kindest staff, and the best care I could ever ask for. My mouth was a mess of teeth broken at or below the gum line. The dentists patiently removed all of them and I now have a beautiful, natural looking smile -- new dentures. God bless them all for their skill and kindness." - posted online by Debbie J

"Amazing care" - posted online by Pamela W

"Thank you so much, you all at the pediatric dental office made my daughter feel comfortable and safe at the dentist. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!- posted online by Bridget C.

"Without Eastman Dental, I wouldn't have the smile I do. I was in the fiber tooth project and it was the best thing in the world. Plus the people are amazing and very good at what they do. Thank you!" - posted online by Mark M.

"love it! got several operations here and my dental implants the dentists make it a comfortable experience, the receptionists are awesome and the best part is if you need something they fight for it and do their best to get it i recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants top dental care!" - posted online by Rachel P.

amarosa"I had five implants placed, teeth whitening and six veneers. I was able to afford all of this work by coming to Eastman Dental. I was so happy to be able to stand with my daughter on her wedding day and not be embarrassed to smile…I couldn't be happier." --Cynthia Amarosa

"Dr. Calero makes me feel comfortable and he is very knowledgeable. In the past, I've had to have many teeth pulled, but Dr. Calero has helped me to keep my smile. I am on a lot of medications that make it hard for me to keep the teeth I have. I feel blessed to have Dr. Calero as my dentist. I just can't say enough good things about him."

"Today was my son's first appointment and he was a little scared but the dentist he had on the pediatric side was so nice and made him a little more comfortable. It is hard to find a dentist you like on the first try but I have to say that we found it here at Eastman dental, so much that I am thinking about transferring my other children here as well." - posted on the web by B. S.

Grateful Eastman Dental Patient"I am continually impressed by Dr. Gupta's level of commitment and to the extent she puts her patients first. I love my new smile!"-- Orlando Harris, who had a gap between his front teeth closed and whitening done at Eastman Dental "Dr. Rodriguez has been so kind and compassionate to me. He has been very helpful in regards to my teeth and I truly appreciate him as a fine dentist. Thank you very much, Dr. Rodriguez."

DennisThis 6'2" 230-lb. fitness instructor and martial arts buff says he's nothing but a big baby when he sits in a dentist's chair. Dennis Smith had been looking for a new dentist for awhile. "My phobia of dentists is so intense, I was ready to give up and just let my teeth fall out one by one," he said.

But he finally decided to try Eastman Dental because the office hours matched his crazy work schedule. Turns out when his new dentist introduced herself, he recognized her from his fitness class, and he relaxed a little.

"I was still really nervous, but after just a few minutes of checking my teeth and listening to my fears, Dr. Gupta and I came up with a plan," he described. "I felt like I had a part in the process, and together we proceeded to put an extensive treatment plan together.

"She shared what she wanted to do and asked what I thought about it. I expressed my concerns and was surprised at her know-how and open mind," he added. "I was scared to death as she began the extractions, anticipating the ensuing pain. But Dr. Gupta was extremely patient, skillful and confident. She assured me she was not going to hurt me, and went on to prove it! She made sure I was safe, relaxed, and pain free. Coming to Eastman Dental was the best decision ever!"--Dennis Smith

Dellanzo"We feel very confident with Dr. Dellanzo because she knows how to talk to patients. As a nurse, I know that patients don't always know what to ask, but Dr. Dellanzo takes the time to educate you on all aspects. Working with someone you trust – especially when it comes to your health – is invaluable." --Daniela Miculeanici, New York, NY

"Coming to Eastman Dental is worth every mile. I trust them completely. Dr. Alina Dellanzo is so energetic and all her energy goes into what she's doing. And, the cost is so much less than what we would pay in NYC, even with all the travel. I like coming here, it's very comfortable and I have no stress." --Alex Picciano, New York, NY

"Dr. Furlong is an awesome doctor, why? Everything she did was she listened to my needs and helped me to the best of her abilities. She did an outstanding job for me. Praise God for doctors like her!"

"Being worried, Dr. Almeida made me feel very comfortable. She explained everything to me of what has to be done very clearly and precisely. She took the time to reassure me that she can make things better for me. She is a very friendly, cheerful, sweet person who is very understanding. I am very happy to have her as my dentist."

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

"Dr. Chance saw my son for a consultation. He needed a baby tooth out and she agreed to see him during her lunch. She got his tooth out and got him numb without him even knowing it. He was nervous and I am thankful for her kindness and skill."

"Ms. Heather did, in her eyes, a quick and easy extraction of my top molars. To me, it was an extremely difficult appointment as I have severe anxiety about and around dentists! Heather made me feel so comfortable with her calm, soothing voice and since it was my first time using ‘gas' to aide me, she also helped comfort my fears on if the gas was actually going to work. Heather Chance is one of the best dentists I've ever met and she is a great person who is willing to put the patients' needs, wants, and fears first!!! Thanks Heather!"


Paul Stella

"Eastman Dental has been a worry-free solution to my son's orthodontics needs. His doctors are very attentive and do a great job keeping us updated on his progress. Also, I appreciate the personal attention provided by the entire staff." --Paul Stella

"Dr. Hardyk goes above and beyond. My son is working with the facial cranial team and Dr. Hardyk has called us at home to keep us abreast of decisions the group made during meetings. He called me the night before my son's surgery to answer any last minute questions we might have had, and then he called us at home after the surgery to check on my son. He is very kind and gentle."


"Dr. Ta is one of the best dental providers my son has had. My son loves Dr. Ta, loves coming in for all visits. He has a certain way of talking to the children to make them feel extremely comfortable. He takes his time in explaining to me all about my son's treatment. I appreciate the care he holds for the children."

Ray Durant and family"My daughter had a really bad tooth that needed to be fixed right away. Bethany told me to call her on June 1st to see if my daughter could get in. Dr. Ta was able to save my daughter's tooth. If Bethany had not told me to call, my daughter could have lost that tooth. She is the best!"

"When you take a child to the doctor's office, you want to see a pediatric doctor, I mean you don't want to go internal medicine. You go to a pediatric office. When you go to a dentist, and you're taking your child, you want to go to a pediatric office. And with Eastman Dental, it's good to know… it's comforting, it's rewarding –you feel more at ease knowing there are pediatric professionals on the other side of the door there. It's not just a hello, good bye, we'll see you in 6 months. You develop a relationship. That's what's exciting. Going to Eastman Dental is like going to Wegman's or Tops, you always bump into someone you know. I love that!" --Ray Durant, Rochester, NY

"Dr. Wong was amazing with my daughter today. She is excellent at what she does and very good with kids, knows how to handle them. My daughter is only 6, and Dr. Wong did so many things with her today about her teeth (pictures, impressions) we didn't even have to come at too many appointments to have those done. Great job Dr. Wong!"

"I take my children to Eastman Dental Downtown because the staff is very patient with my children and they always take time to answer any questions or fears they may have – especially my daughter – she is a girly girl and gets scared. I love its warm, cozy atmosphere and everyone greets me by name." --Sherrie Tanner Campbell, Rochester, NY


"I have had the pleasure of Janet's ability for many years and I hope she is there for many more. She does a remarkable job and I wouldn't go to anyone else but her. She is very careful, gentle, and knowledgeable in her job. I know others who feel the same as I but perhaps they don't have the time to praise her abilities."


"Sherri and Laurie, receptionists in the Prosthodontics Department, are the best! I have been having dental work done the past several months and have seen them nearly weekly during this whole time. They are not only efficient and respectful to me, but they are also cheerful, pleasant, and even funny! They relax me and just put me at east. I feel like they are family. You have a fantastic department here!"


Lindsay Kolk

"Everyone we spoke to had nothing but great things to say about Eastman Dental and Dr. Karp and Strong Hospital – everyone we talked to told us this was the best choice we could make for our child. Sierra's life has been changed forever by everyone here at Eastman Dental…everywhere you go, you don't see medical professionals put the time and effort and care into their patients of what I've experienced here." --Lindsay Kolk, Elmira, NY, mother of Sierra who was born with cleft lip and palate.

Urgent Dental Care

"I can't do unsedated surgery. Sandra Kloser was the only person I called that said they could do the consultation and refer me to another dentist to do the surgery. All other emergency places I called said I had to "find my own surgeon" or ‘You need a referral". She was sympathetic and sweet and made my day more pleasant."

"I came in to the urgent care center and found out I needed a very large cavity filled. I have not had very good experiences in the past with dentists and Dr. Prindle saw right away how upset I was. She took the time to explain everything to me. She was so kind and understanding, and the work that she did was incredible. I have never had such a good experience at the dentist before. She made me feel at ease during a very anxious time. Thank you Dr. Prindle!"