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For University of Rochester Employees

Life-Work Connections/EAP

University employees and their household members are eligible for EAP services, which include up to 5 visits per person in the household. In addition, we now publish employee news and tips in blog format that features information specific to University employees.

YOURhealth Resources

To determine program eligibility, see our YOURhealth Eligibility Table.

Emotional Health Resources

Behavioral Health Partners (BHP)

YOUR Health

Well-U (Human Resources)

Legal Statement

The Employee Assistance Plan for Faculty and Staff of the University of Rochester includes only the Life-Work Connections/EAP services. Biometric screenings, the Personal Health Assessment, lifestyle and condition management programs, Behavioral Health Partners, flu shots, and the 24/7 Nurse Line are part of the University health care plans.

This document provides only a summary of some of the features of these plans. Detailed information on the plans is available on the Benefits website or a paper copy of the information is available from the Benefits Office.

The University reserves the right to modify, amend or terminate the plans or programs at any time, including actions that may affect coverage cost-sharing or covered benefits, as well as benefits that are provided to current and future retirees.