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Education / Bursars Office / Medical Students / Information Regarding the Payment of University Bills for Returning Medical Students


Information Regarding the Payment of University Bills for Returning Medical Students

Valerie Kraft  - Bursar

Bursar's Office: (585) 275-4672

Payment of Tuition & Fees

All medical students are billed for tuition and fees in two installments, generally in July and January. Payment of the first bill is due by August 10 and payment of the January bill is due by February 10. This applies to all class years, including those medical students taking a year-out for research

Reminder - A $100 Administrative Fee will be applied to any student’s account NOT paid by the last day of the month the payment is due.

Statements are available in UR Student. Students will receive an email from UR Student when a payment id due. Students may assign other payers through UR Student. Electronic check payments may be made online through UR Student.  For more UR Student information, please visit Payments by check may also be mailed to our office using the address below. Processing will be expedited if you indicate your student identification number on your payment.  Checks and money orders should be made payable to the University of Rochester.

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Bursar’s Office
601 Elmwood Avenue
PO Box 601
Rochester, NY 14642

NOTE : The University of Rochester does not accept any payments by credit card.

Those preferring to pay in person by check or money order may do by dropping it off at Student Services or by making an office hours appointment with the bursar on

Cash payments are accepted in person by making an appointment with the bursar on

All SMD students MUST submit a completed ONLINE Student Payment Agreement form through the onboarding process in UR Student.

Financial Aid & Outside Loan Credits

One-half of your financial aid package, including University scholarships and loans, appear as anticipated credit on your billing statement. These credits should be reflective of your Award Notice received from the Financial Aid Office, if that Award Notice has been returned to the Financial Aid Office with your signed acceptance. It is important to keep in mind that disbursements may be reduced by the amount of applicable origination fees. While an anticipated credit may be taken for the full amount borrowed, the billing system will “correct” for the underpayment resulting from the fee deduction at the time that the actual disbursement is credited to the student’s account.

Anticipated credits from non-University student loans are not reflected unless the loan application has already been processed by the Financial Aid Office. Most loans are disbursed in two equal installments and only the first can be applied as a credit for the first billing period.

Although estimated amounts from State grants or other non-University sources may have appeared on your Award Notice, they will not be reflected as anticipated credits on this bill unless confirming documentation has been received by the Financial Aid Office.  If Federal Work-Study has been included in a financial aid package, it may not be used as anticipated credit because earnings will be paid directly to the student.               

Privacy Issue (FERPA - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

Federal law dictates that any student wishing to give the Bursar’s Office permission to speak with another person (parent, spouse, etc.) concerning the student’s account must complete the Friends and Family section in UR Student.

Credit Refunds

If a credit balance remains on a student account after charges are fully paid, the credit will be refunded automatically. The Bursar's Office requests refunds on a daily basis, but one must anticipate a 5-10 day processing period before the refund check will actually be available in the student’s urmc mailbox. Students have the option of requesting that their refund be directly deposited in their bank account, this can be set up in UR Student using these instructions. Direct deposits occur approximately 1 to 3 days after being requested. Paper checks take 7 to 10 days to arrive in the student’s mailbox.

Late Charge

A late payment penalty of 1% per month will be assessed on the unpaid balance of all bills on their due date and every 15th of the month thereafter until payment is made in full. The Late Charge will be calculated on the amount derived by subtracting from total charges, all payments made or credits received by the 10th of the month, and anticipated credits which can be documented by the Financial Aid Office.

Policy on Refund of Payment Upon Withdrawal

Returning students who withdraw or initiate a long-term leave of absence after the start of classes are obligated to pay all tuition and fee charges, after a pro-rata reduction based on the number of days remaining in the enrollment period. The date of withdrawal is determined by the date that written notification from the student is received in the Offices for Medical Education of the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The adjustment of charges and all refund calculations are done by the Bursar’s Office upon receipt of a change-of-status form from the Registrar’s office. Refund policies, the refund calendar and sample refund calculations are available for your review in the Bursar’s Office.

Online Health Insurance Selection Process (Required)

All full-time students pay the mandatory health fee that covers visits to the University Health Service (UHS) and the University Counseling Center (UCC). Your student statement will include a charge for the mandatory health fee. In addition to the mandatory health fee, all full-time students must have health insurance coverage. Students can choose the University-sponsored Aetna insurance, or remain on their own (or their parent’s or spouse’s) insurance.

All medical students must complete the online Health Insurance Selection Process by the start of classes. Coverage is from August 1through July 31. If you choose to remain on your own insurance, you will not be charged for the Aetna insurance on your student statement. (If you were previously billed for the Aetna insurance, your account will be credited.) Insurance is billed in equal installments for the fall and spring billing periods.


  1. All full-time students must complete the online Health Insurance Selection Process every year, regardless of the insurance option selected.  You will need your University NetID and password to complete the process.
  2. To change your insurance selection during the year, complete the online Health Insurance Selection Process again. Changes will take effect on the first of the month following the completion of the selection process.
  3. Insurance for spouses or dependents must be paid directly to Aetna at the time of enrollment.  Spouse mandatory health fee will be billed on your student account.

For more information about health insurance options for students, check “Health Insurance for Full-time Students” on the UHS web site (

Please feel free to call the Bursar’s Office at (585) 275-4672 or email us at if you have any questions about your bill or these instructions.  You may also wish to visit our website at If you have any questions about your financial aid, please call the Financial Aid Office at (585) 275-4523.