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Saturday, July 20:  All UR Medicine facilities are open as scheduled and providing safe patient care, with a goal to return all clinical services to full efficiency by early next week.
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Education / Bursars Office / Medical Students / Institutional Charges


Institutional Charges

Figures are rounded


  • $65,920 annual charge ($32,960 per term)
  • Med Student Research Fellowship: $1,070 per term
  • Extended Time: $3,000 per term
  • Leave of Absence: $80 per term

Health Fees (Annual)

  • Basic Mandatory Health Fee: $760
  • Infection Control: $150
  • Standard Student Plan Health Insurance (Aetna insurance): Not yet available. 2021-2022 was $2,940
  • Spousal Health Fees: Not yet available. 2021-2022 was $3,648

Student Fees (Annual - Not Evenly Billed Between Semesters)

  • 1st Year:     $2,537
  • 2nd Year:    $1,522
  • 3rd Year:     $1,702
  • 4th Year:     $2,041
  • Research:   $880
  • Extended Time:  $1,140

This fee includes lockers, activity fees, disability insurance, orientation fee, instruments/kits, graduation fee, technology fee, and pagers. The fee is not billed evenly between Fall and Spring.

  • Non-Compliance Fee:  $100 per instance