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SMD Medical Student Fee Information

Student Activity Fee

This fee supports student activities as agreed upon by the Student Senate.

Student Services Fee

This fee provides for miscellaneous services such as lockers, maintenance of the student lounge, an orientation fee for first-year students, and a graduation and post commencement administrative fee for seniors.

Technology  Fee

Due to rising technology costs, all first, second, third and fourth year medical students will be charged $250 per term, $500 annually. 

Breakage Fee

Students are billed at cost for equipment broken or lost.


As a convenience for third year students, pagers will be distributed in the Student Services Center and billing for their usage will be via the term bill at $120 / year.  The cost of replacing a lost pager will be $100.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance coverage is provided to all medical students to compensate for the loss of future earnings should they become disabled while in medical school. The disability insurance is administered by the UNUM Insurance Company and the cost is $350.00/year for all students.   This coverage is mandatory for SMD medical students.  Students will be notified via email to register for this coverage in early May.  Incoming students will register in early August.

Student Fee Adjustment Policies

Once billed, there is no adjustment in fees charged except in the following instances:

  • Students who pay tuition for more than four years may request a waiver of the Infection Control fee in subsequent years.
  • Student Fellows participating in out-of-town year-out fellowships may request a partial waiver of the Student Services fee.
  • On occasion, it may be necessary to charge a new fee as a result of a change in the curriculum or the list of required instruments. Likewise, occasionally adjustments to the standard fees may be necessary. In such cases, every effort will be made to inform the students.