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How to Apply

Start date for program is 8/1/2024.

Applying to our Program

Prospective CFP Fellows are invited to interview based on the information provided in the ERAS application—including the personal statement, letters of recommendation, scholastic accomplishments, and USMLE/Complex scores.

CFP fellowship program applications will be accepted only through the Association of American Medical College's (AAMC) Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) for all applications.

All fellows are expected to complete an on-site or web-based interview.

It is the policy of this program to select the most qualified candidates regardless of gender, race, creed, color, national origin, handicap, age, or sexual orientation. All applicants must participate in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP). The program follows the guidelines of the NRMP and all applicants must register with the NRMP.

Applicant Eligibility Requirements

Please view the requirements for GME programs: Applicant Eligibility Requirements - Graduate Medical Education - Education - University of Rochester Medical Center

  • A sample fellowship contract and other benefits information can be viewed on the website of our Graduate Medical Education Office

Deadlines & Interview Offers

11/16/2022: Applications open

06/05/2023: Interview notifications begin

07/10/2023: Interview notifications end

Interviews: URMC will be holding interviews on 07/21 and 07/28

09/13/2023: Applicant rank lists must be submitted to the NRMP

09/27/2023: Applicants are notified of their match via email. If an applicant does not match, they are eligible to participate in a scramble with unmatched sites.

08/01/2023: Fellows begin their first year of Fellowship.