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Dr. Khushminder Chahal
Dr. Khushminder Chahal

Name: Khushminder Chahal M.D.              

Medical School: Medical University of Lublin (Poland)

Residency: Wayne State University (Detroit, Michigan)

Why Did You Choose Your Field

I chose Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry because I feel it was the psychiatric specialty which best fosters collaboration within medicine. At the core of CL Psychiatry is the ideal of teamwork. I’ve always felt that team-based, collaborative care is the best means of care delivery for our patients. Having every one of a patient’s providers on the same page and communicating with each other not only translates to more efficient and better outcomes, but also enhances the provider experience. As a physician, I am constantly striving to learn and grow. Being able to work closely alongside my colleagues from other specialties allows me to do so. It also provides me with the opportunity to extend the reach of psychiatry and educate my peers. I feel this goes a long way in de-stigmatizing mental health and advocating for our patient population, which at times can be a very vulnerable population. As psychiatrists, our involvement should extend beyond the patient-provider relationship and towards a full scale level of collaboration amongst every member of the health care team.

Why Did You Choose Rochester Over Other Schools

The University of Rochester appealed to me because of its long standing history and tradition of holistic patient care. Being the birthplace of the biopsychosocial model, the culture within the University is one of collaboration. To me, this type of environment is crucial for fostering the best care possible. As a trainee, I was confident I would develop a well-rounded set of skills if trained in this environment. I appreciate the perspective of seeing patients as people, not just as symptoms. I feel this is the foundation from which patient-centered care can develop. And I am confident it translates into the best patient outcomes.

What Is Unique About The Program

The program has many strengths which set it apart from other programs nationwide. It is the birthplace of the biopsychosocial model of care, and as a result it is a program which has tremendous connections with all specialties throughout the University. The strong presence of the Psychiatry department within other medical specialties is very impressive. This includes its presence within departments such as transplant medicine, neurology, oncology and palliative medicine.

What Do You Like About Living In Rochester

Rochester is a beautiful city which is home to a large population of young students and young professionals. As a result, it is a very progressive city which has a lot to offer to those looking to relocate and potentially settle down. The city contains great arts, culture, academia and restaurants. The location of the city geographically places it within a drive of many other major cities, including New York City. Nearby towns and cities are known for their picturesque outdoor beauty. With many hiking trails, state parks and lakes nearby, there really is something for everybody.

What Are Your Research Interests/Projects

I am very interested in collaborative care and models of care delivery. Both in the outpatient and inpatient settings, I am an advocate for greater communication among specialties. This can be achieved via physical integration within clinics or hospital teams. But also we can now start to look at how we can leverage technology to allow psychiatrists to extend services even further. And beyond that, we can even begin to look at how we can move not only services to underserved areas, but also move knowledge to these areas so that the providers which are there can begin to treat patients with mental health needs. Models such as primary care and specialty clinic integration, proactive inpatient consultations and tele-psychiatry are particular interests of mine.

What Are Your Career Goals

My goal is to grow into a position within which I can deliver care which brings medical specialties and psychiatry closer together. I envision this being through models of collaborative and integrative care. Both through a physical presence within medical teams and also through electronic consultations to other medical specialties, I look to be an advocate for Psychiatry and extend our reach further into the rest of medicine. I hope to improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency and better provider satisfaction through this collaboration.