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ACGME Fellowship Program Contacts

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At the University of Rochester we enjoy a strong research background and support system. The Ultrasound division continues to produce academic productivity by identifying gaps in current US knowledge and attempting to address them with proactive research projects. We work with the residency to help residents complete their required research project, and our fellows are supported and encouraged to participate in research while here. Every Ultrasound fellowship requires a publishable academic project and all of our previous fellows have met this goal.

Our division is supported by the Emergency Medicine Research Division in these endeavors. The research division at Rochester is home to several career researchers, grant funded researchers, epidemiologists, statisticians, and support staff, who provide a wealth of knowledge and assistance with any project that you would wish to pursue. The Emergency Research Division is further backed by the UR Clinical and Translational Science Institute, which boasts a diverse group of researchers, research support and funding opportunities.

For Questions concerning Ultrasound Research during our Fellowship or at the University of Rochester Medical Center please contact:

John DeAngelis

John DeAngelis MD, RDMS, FACEP 
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine




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Newsletter Publications:

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Books & Chapters

2018 Chapter 8, O’Connor T. “Soft Tissue” Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound. Lewis (ed), et al. iBook

2018 Chapter Radial Arterial Line Placement, M Lu. “Practical Guide to Critical Ultrasound”

Published By: American College of Emergency Physicians. Resa E. Lewiss Robert J. Strony Robert A. Jones

Ongoing Projects

We have ongoing local projects in many areas of ultrasound research. These include:

  • Ultrasound education
  • Pre-hospital and Flight Ultrasound
  • Obstetrical US
  • US guided peripheral IV line placement and survival

Our group participates in Research with the Ultrasound Division out of Buffalo, NY and we have several future projects in the works.

We are also a participating site in the REASON 3 trial looking at Ventricular Fibrillation on US which is headed by the US Division out of UMASS Worcester in MA and Dr. Romolo Gaspari.

We also have access to the ERNIES (Emergency Research Network in the Empire State) network, which is run out of our research division and eases access to multi-site research within New York State.