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Mentor Program

Neurology Resident Mentoring Program

Poster Session in Flaum AtriumThe purpose of the resident mentoring program is to mentor residents in research, academic neurology, education, international health, public policy or private practice. The program begins during the PGY1 year when residents fill out a questionnaire describing their interests and their career goals. A mentor is then assigned and will meet with the resident at least four times per year for the duration of residency. Goals of the program will depend on the specific interests of the mentees but can include the development of a structured mentoring plan, career development, work on a research project and assisting the mentee in making post-residency plans. The plan also includes group mentoring activities where all of the assigned mentors will assist and advise residents on their career development. Social events that include all mentees of each class with their mentors are scheduled throughout residency.

Mentor Diagram

Diagram showing the timeline of the resident mentor program

Timeline of the resident mentor program

Each year will have 4 meetings between resident,


  • Mentor is assigned


  • Create structured mentoring plans
  • Choose scholarly projects (research, QI, education)
  • Identify outside mentors to invite for grand rounds


  • Advise mentees on career development
  • Guide mentees through completion of scholarly projects
  • Assist with CV reviews and fellowship/job applications
  • Assist with presentations and publications


  • Prepare mentees for post-residency positions