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Program of Study

The program requires 32 credit hours of graduate level work.  Students can complete the program over two, three, or four semesters.  Some students take one course per semester, completing the program over four years.

Medical Humanities MS Program 2023-2024 Class Schedule

Fall Semester

  • MHB 410 Bioethics at the Bedside:  How Clinicians Think Ethically (4 credits)
  • MHB 440 History of the Body in Science and Medicine: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (4 credits)
  • MHB 450 Master’s Research Methods: Capstone Planning (4 credits)
  • MHB 480 The Disabled Body in Medicine & Culture (4 credits)
  • MHB 495 Capstone Development I (2 credits)

Spring Semester

  • MHB 420 Stories in Healthcare: Clinicians, Patients and Narrative Medicine (4 credits)
  • MHB 430 Visual Arts and Healthcare: Framing the Field (4 credits)
  • MHB 496 Capstone Development II (2 credits)
  • MHB 497 Capstone Practicum (4 credits)