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URBEST Internships

myHub URBEST Internships is continuously developing a flexible experiential learning program that includes long-term internships (full-time, up to three month), short-term internships (hours-per-week) shadowing experiences (a couple of days total) and volunteer opportunities (< 4 hours per week). If you are considering doing an internship, you must be officially enrolled in URBEST as a trainee (graduate student or postdoc) for at least 6 months and developed a plan of goals and activities with the myHub team to prepare you for the internship, have passed your qualifying exam and have the permission of your PI. To start a conversation about an internship possibility, set up an appointment with Eric Vaughn through the myHub Service Request Form.

We disseminate information as opportunities become available, posting them first to our URBEST LinkedIn Group and then sending them to our URBEST trainee email list. Ideally, you should plan for your internship experience at least one year in advance. All trainees must be registered as a UR PhD graduate student or postdoc while participating in the internship. If you are on some type of training grant or fellowship, we must discuss your stipend situation and make contact with your program officer to get approval for your internship. It is up to the program officer as to whether or not your internship contributes to your training.

To date, we’ve supported 34 interns at various sites. Each of these internships was set up by the trainee with guidance on how to “cold email” individuals who could provide informational interviews and suggest experiential opportunities. Contact Eric Vaughn to help you set up a plan.

Download the  pdf of the list of Externships and Internships.

Companies and organizations who have hosted previous internships:

Remember, URBEST Intern Selection Criteria Include:

  • PI approval
  • Passing your qualifying exam
  • Official URBEST trainee for at least 6 months
  • Collecting ~ 40 – 60 points through URBEST activities
  • One first author, multiple coauthor publication or another productivity assessment provided by PI
  • If on a T32, F31 or F32, approval of program officer to undertake an internship for your training

Ultimately, the decision to hire an intern rests with the employer who needs to comply with their company’s recruitment and hiring practices. However, the URBEST program will help trainees navigate the internship application and interview process, facilitate intellectual property or non-disclosure agreements, provide potential stipend support and/or arrange possible housing supplements.

For more information about internships read our Internship FAQ and contact Eric Vaughn.