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Success Stories

Customer Reviews of the Career Coach

Career Exploration

"I learned the plethora of tools available for networking, and improving my online presence. I also learned how to effectively find connections between the University and careers I am interested in  through services such as Linkedin and Handshake"

- Andrew Martin, 2nd year MS in Microbiology

CV/Resume/Cover Letter

"They really listened to what my goals were and spent our time really focusing on those goals; I felt like my time was well-utilized. On top of that, the advice I got was very good. I went in looking to spruce up my CV, and the improvements suggested by the CPD specialist helped me hear back from a recruiter very quickly about a job I want."

- Carolyn Klocke, 5th year PhD in Toxicology

"Development of my CV, and strengthening my statement of intent through the use of specific examples"

- Tyler Beach, 3rd year PhD student in Toxicology

"I worked with the career specialist on my Curriculum Vitae. The specialist clarified differences between resume and CV and provided additional help with the structure and information to be included in my CV. I also gained assistance to structure and fine tune my cover letter, including a detailed proof read of my cover letter for clarity before submission to an employer."

- Mallory Scott, 5th Year Ph.D. Student in Biophysics


"Eric was very knowledgeable about interviewing and gave me some great advice and tips. He was also very enthusiastic and devoted a great deal of time to helping me. He was attentive and focused on our conversation for the entire time. I felt well-prepared to go into my interviews after speaking with him and ultimately got one of the jobs for which I interviewed."

Julianne Feola, Alumni

"The Career coach really helped me prepare for and feel confident about a phone interview"

Clair McCarthy, 6th Year Ph.D. Student in Toxicology

Job Search Strategy

"My meetings with both Elaine and Eric have been very helpful. Both are delightful people in addition to knowledgeable and encouraging supports."

- Heather Natola, 5th Year Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience

Customer Reviews of the Life Science Writing Specialist


"She helped me express my objectives more clearly and more professionally. She was quick to provide feedback and was very encouraging."

~Emily Resseguie, 5th year PhD student

"The writing specialist was highly effective in improving the contents and format of my resume, cover letter and CV. The guidance was personalized to my needs so I could exactly see which areas of my writing need to be improved. The specialist also shared resources that I later used to hone my writing. Overall, I feel confident that my writing now has the elements that can deliver the required message."

~Sanjukta Bandyopadhyay, Master’s alumna

"The specialist did a great job helping me reorganize my CV."

~Elizabeth Belcher, 2nd year PhD student

"Elaine was perfect. She knew exactly what I needed to do to improve my CV and our meeting was exactly what I needed."

~Andrew Cox, 4th year MD/PhD student


"In my writing discussion, the specialist provided a worksheet that really helped in critical and creative thinking beyond what is expected."

~Bisi Lawal, 5th year MD/PhD student

"The CPD specialist very effectively took a large task that needed to be completed in a short period of time and broke it down into less intimated sections, while meeting my tight deadlines.  I usually came into the meeting stressed and frazzled but left optimistic.  Through assistance of the CPD specialist, I now have a better understanding of how to write and I have skill-sets that I am able to carry with me throughout my career."

- Letitia Jones, 5th year Ph.D. Student in Immunology, Microbiology and Virology

Fellowship and Grants

"Dr. Smolock was very enthusiastic during the meetings. She was able to answer all my questions and give me her wise and objective writing recommendations; I definitely would recommend her services as a Scientific Writing Specialist in the CPD."

- Carlos Ortiz Bonilla, 2nd Year Ph.D. Student in Pathology

"The writing specialist is excellent at helping people to organize their time and effort for large projects! The CPD specialist helped me to maintain a positive attitude throughout a process a process that was otherwise quite draining."

- Scott Friedland, 2nd year Ph.D. Student in Genetics, Development, and Stem Cells

"The writing specialist was particularly effective in helping me find and cultivate my writing style. My writing confidence over the years has declined and the specialist helped by guiding me to find that I am indeed a good writer. I just needed to learn how to not become overwhelmed by the writing process and figure out an organizational way to express my thoughts and ideas."

- Crystal Houston, 1st year Masters Student in Marriage and Family Therapy


"In understanding how I wanted to tell my story and modifying my writing so that it is better but still in my voice."

- Beresford Crick, PREP trainee

Literature Review

"Elaine is very skilled in helping students develop their writing abilities and this was affirmed through her passion for writing. Elaine made herself very available through email and through appointments. With the help I received from her, my paper got the recognition it deserved."

~Gabrielle Woodard, 1st year Master’s student


"She greatly helped me with editing for clarity, and I feel my manuscript is a much stronger document for having received her advice."

~John Bennett, 6th year PhD student


“Planning for writing with a practical timeline (formulating the idea and the organization of writing), grammatical corrections, and encouragement and moral support.”

-Chutikarn Chaimayo2nd year PhD student


“Elaine was extremely helpful in organization and overall workflow of my document (NIH grant style qualification proposal). In addition she was able to highlight areas that were not clear, not concise, or redundant to help direct where further editing should take place.”

-Zach, 2nd year PhD student