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Postdoc Snapshot 2015

This report provides a July 1, 2015 snapshot of information related to University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry postdoctoral appointees.

A Postdoctoral Appointment involves substantially full-time research or scholarship. It is a transitional position and is viewed as preparatory for an academic and/or research career. The appointee is not part of a clinical training program. The appointee was recently awarded the PhD or equivalent doctorate, works under the supervision of a faculty member and has the freedom and is expected to publish the results of his/her research or scholarship during the period of the appointment.

Appointment Information

There are a total of 134 postdoctoral appointees in the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

Titles and Job Codes

79 (59%) hold primary appointments as Postdoctoral Associates (job code 0093).
Postdoctoral Associates are typically funded by research grants or institutional funds.

27 (20%) hold primary appointments as Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows (job code 0094).
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows are typically funded by organizations other than the U of R.

28 (21%) hold primary appointments as Postdoctoral Fellows (job code 0095).
Postdoctoral Fellows are typically funded by training grants or individual postdoctoral fellowships.

6 (4%) hold dual postdoctoral appointments.

Departments and Advisors

There are postdocs appointed in more than 30 basic science and clinical departments and divisions throughout the School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The three departments/divisions with the largest number of postdocs are Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute, and Microbiology and Immunology.

92 School of Medicine and Dentistry faculty members advise at least one postdoc.

Fellowship Support

7 Postdocs are funded by individual postdoctoral fellowships: American Heart Association (1), AstraZeneca (1), Damon Runyon (1), Life Sciences Research Foundation (1), and National Institutes of Health (3).



The average age of School of Medicine and Dentistry postdocs is 33.

  • The average age for Postdoctoral Associates is 33.
  • The average age for Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows is 32.
  • The average age for Postdoctoral Fellows is 33.


  • 79 (60%) postdocs are foreign nationals.
  • 45 (33%) postdocs are US citizens.
  • 10 (7%) postdocs are US permanent residents.

Foreign nationals represent 23 countries throughout the world including: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada (3), China (41), France (2), Germany, Greece, India (8), Italy, Japan (2), North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Serbia/Montenegro, South Korea (2), Spain, Sweden, Taiwan (3), Thailand (2), Turkey, United Kingdom.

Foreign nationals hold the following visa types:

  • J-1: 65 (82%)
  • F-1 OPT: 9 (11%)
  • H1-B: 5 (6%)


  • 48 (36%) postdocs are female.
  • 86 (64%) postdocs are male.

Race and Ethnicity (US citizens and permanent residents only)

  • 6 (4%) are from racial and/or ethnic groups underrepresented in science.
Race and Ethnicity Count
Hispanic or Latino/a 3
African American or Black 3
American Indian or Alaska Native 0
Asian 11
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0
White 35
Did Not Report 5

Socioeconomic Status (US citizens only)

  • 2 (1%) identify as being from a disadvantaged background.
  • 14 did not report.

Education Information

Doctoral Degrees Held By Postdoctoral Appointees

Title PhD MD MBBS Other Multiple
Postdoctoral Associate 74 7 2 1 5
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow 8 20 2 1 4
Postdoctoral Fellow 27 2 0 0 1
Totals 109 29 4 2 10

Countries in Which Doctoral Degrees were Earned

Doctoral degrees were earned in 24 countries throughout the world including: Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Netherland, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.
Doctoral degrees were earned in more than 120 institutions throughout the world.

Discipline/Degree Field
Postdocs received their degrees in the following disciplines:

Biochemistry (7)
Bioinformatics (1)Biological Sciences (8)
Biomedical Engineering (3)
Biomedical Sciences (9)
Biotechnology (1)
Cancer Research/Oncology (2)
Cardiovascular Sciences (1)
Cell Biology (1)
Chemistry (1)
Computer Science and Engineering (2)
Developmental Biology/Embryology (2)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (1)
Engineering (1)
Epidemiology (2)
Genetics (5)
Health Sciences (1)
Human Disease (1)
Immunology (6)

Infectious Diseases (1)
Medical Sciences (1)
Medicine, Clinical (MD) (33)
Microbiology (11)
Molecular Biology (6)
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (1)
Neuroscience (9)
Optometry/Vision Science (2)
Pathology (6)
Pharmacology/Drug Discovery (8)
Physics (1)
Physiology (2)
Plant Biology (1)
Psychology/Psychiatry (3)
Social Work (1)
Solid Mechanics (1)
Stem Cells (1)
Toxicology (1)