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Creative Crafts: Make Your Own Valentine

Give a gift from the heart this Valentine’s Day. Make this card for someone you love. It’s a butterfly made of hearts!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Colored construction paper — red, white, and pink are good choices
Scissors (ask a parent first!)
Glue stick
Pens or markers

To make your card:

  1. Cut out hearts in different sizes from the construction paper.

  2. Fold another sheet of construction paper to make the card.

  3. Glue two large hearts sideways on the card. The bottoms of the hearts should be touching. These are the butterfly’s wings.

  4. Glue three or four small hearts in a line in the middle to form the body. Add a slightly larger heart to the top of the body for the head.

  5. Use a pen or marker to draw the face and antennas. You can also draw designs on the wings.