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Bad Day? You Can Turn it Around

If the proverbial bluebird of happiness skipped your home this morning, don’t fret. Even if your car wouldn’t start, it rained on your new suit, one of the kids (or pets) threw up, you missed that important deadline, or you’re generally irked, hit the reset button and have a better day—starting now.

If You’ve Made a Mistake …

Don’t let a flub ruin the whole day. Analyze the situation briefly and then seek solutions. Once you’ve done all you can to clear confusion and tie up loose ends, move on. Everyone makes mistakes on both small and grand scales. Practice recovering from them effectively to have better days more often.

If You’re Sad, Angry, or Down …

No one is happy all the time, and it’s completely OK to have and feel your full range of emotions. But just because you’re not particularly chipper doesn’t mean the day is bad. Precisely name what’s got you out of sorts. This can help you put your thoughts in perspective and even allow moments of joy to creep in.

If Work Seems Overwhelming …

Some days are better than others. But if your shift feels longer than usual and you just can’t get motivated, make a list of at least three things about your job you’re grateful for (your salary, your coffee break, the help you got yesterday from Josie in Accounting). Gratitude can turn a day around in an instant.

If Your Energy is Low …

Particularly if you sit in front of a computer, take a short walk around the campus—and get outside if you can. A few moments away from the latest “urgent” task can get you refocused on what’s right about your day rather than what’s wrong.




Medical Reviewers:

  • Godsey, Cynthia, MSN, APRN, MSHE, FNP-BC
  • Renee Watson, L., MSN, RN