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Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core

Edwin, Matt and Steve

The IHSFC’s purpose is to facilitate research by members of the EHSC across the environmental health science research spectrum. The specific objectives of the IHSFC are to:

  • Provide a portal of entry to facilitate research across the translational environmental health sciences research spectrum;
  • Support unique research opportunities provided by the Behavioral Sciences, Inhalation Exposure, Epigenetics and Elemental Analysis Facilities to researchers within and outside the Center;
  • Provide individualized assistance with clinical and human subjects research;
  • Develop new technologies to advance Center research; and
  • Work with the Community Engagement Core to enhance partnerships with local communities.

The IHSFC is directed by Dr. Steve Georas and Dr. Todd Jusko. They also assist Center members with the design, execution and interpretation of translational and epidemiology research studies relevant to the Center mission, and to facilitate the use of human cohorts. Additionally, through interactions with the CTSI and Community Engagement Core, the IHSFC Co-Directors ensure that Human Subjects research conducted through the EHSC is integrated with institutional and community resources. 

The IHSFC is comprised of four components with broad translational capabilities, each with a component director:

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Behavioral Sciences Facility

Provides state-of-the-art equipment and expertise for the design, conduct, and interpretation of human and animal behavioral studies.

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Elemental Analysis Facility

Performs high-sensitivity quantitative analysis of trace elements within biological, chemical and environmental samples.

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Epigenetics Facility

Provides the intellectual and technical expertise for conducting, analyzing, and interpreting DNA methylation and transcriptional regulation studies.

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Inhalation Exposure Facility

Supports basic and translational research about how airborne agents contribute to cumulative health risk across the lifespan.