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Why UR Medicine Epilepsy Center?

The UR Medicine Epilepsy Center, formerly known as the Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, was established in 1989 by Drs. Giuseppe Erba and James Burchfiel. SEC is the only certified, level IV Epilepsy Center in the region. We have treated thousands of people with epilepsy, helping many of them to attain better management of their seizures and enjoy normal, active lives. We strive to improve a patient’s life (including employment, driving and personal well-being) by identifying, in children and adults, their particular type of seizure, so we can develop an individualized medical and/or surgical treatment plan:

  • We provide the most advanced treatments for epilepsy, some of which may not be available at other area centers. Our program is the only area center with a complete multidisciplinary team for epilepsy, including neurologists, neurosurgeons, neurophysiologists, psychologists, psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, nutritionist and a social worker.
  • We offer every treatment option for epilepsy under one roof, so patients do not need to go to other centers for any aspect of their care.
  • Our program provides advanced testing, both for the diagnosis of epilepsy and evaluation for surgery.
  • Our Long-Term Video EEG Monitoring Unit provides a safe, controlled environment for evaluating patients' seizures.
  • Through our involvement in clinical trials, we are able to offer patients access to new treatments that are not yet widely available.
  • We have performed over 800 surgeries for epilepsy, helping many patients find permanent relief from their seizures.

Advanced care for epilepsy. The Epilepsy Treatment Program provides patients with the region's most current medical and surgical approaches to epilepsy.

Medical treatments are a highly effective approach for many patients. Our providers are experienced in finding the right medications for each patient's unique situation.

Epilepsy surgery is an option for patients who do not respond to medication and whose seizures originate in a well-defined part of the brain.

Responsive Neurostimulation and Vagus Nerve Stimulation use implanted devices to provide electrical stimulation to part of the brain. These technologies can often reduce the number of seizures by more than 50%.

Clinical trials give our patients access to new, cutting-edge treatments for epilepsy. We participate in a wide variety of epilepsy clinical trains involving medications, devices and other novel approaches to epilepsy care.

Pediatric Epilepsy Program

Our goal is to maximize the child's quality of life and minimize the impact of seizures on the child's and the family's lives.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation
  • Routine and 24 hour ambulatory EEG
  • Dedicated epilepsy monitoring unit
  • Advanced imaging techniques
  • Treatment options tailored to the individual provided by a team dedicated to pediatric epilepsy care
  • Medications
  • Dietary therapies
  • Implantable neurostimulators
  • Epilepsy surgery in conjunction with an experienced epilepsy neurosurgeon and pediatric neurosurgery

Pediatric and Adult Dietary Therapy

Our team is comprised of a full time ketogenic dietitian trained specifically in the use of this specialty diet in patients with epilepsy, neurologists and nurse practitioners with a specialization in the ketogenic diet. We provide the full spectrum of individualized diet therapy ranging from a low carbohydrate diet through a full ketogenic diet. The team works with the patient to:

  • Complete a detailed dietary assessment
  • Create an eating and supplement plan specific to the patient
  • Continued close management with the Dietary Therapy team

A Charlie Foundation recognized dietary therapy center.