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Flaum Researchers Ranked #14 in the Nation for NIH Funding

The Flaum Eye Institute recently placed 14th on the latest Blue Ridge Rankings for NIH funding for ophthalmology departments conducting medical research. Funding for the institute in 2023 reached almost nine million dollars ($8,907,039). In the past four years, Flaum has climbed 11 spots, and increased NIH funding for research by 77%.

Flaum Eye Institute NIH Funding

In the 2023 rankings, four Flaum scientists ranked in the top 100 for research funding. Juliette McGregor, PhD, placed 58th with $1,336,982, Richard Libby, PhD, placed 72nd with $1,221,341, Susana Marcos, PhD,  placed 81st with $1,152,982, and Ruchira Singh, PhD, placed 85th with $1,113,415 in funding.

The McGregor lab, focuses on optogenetic and photoreceptor replacement therapies, with the aim of restoring vision to the blind. The Libby lab, investigates the neurobiology of glaucoma, and the molecular process that leads to retinal ganglion cell death.

Marcos, studies the development of imaging techniques for investigating the human visual system, along with the development of new vision correction alternatives. The Singh lab, uses patient-derived human induced pluripotent stem cells to study retina and neurological diseases.

Eight additional FEI researchers placed in the top 500 of the Blue Ridge Rankings. Krystel Huxlin, PhD, placed 116th, William Merigan, PhD, 168th, Jesse Schallek, PhD, 204th, David Williams, PhD, 210th, Rachel Wozniak, MD, PhD, 293rd, Collynn Woeller, PhD, 369th, Amy Kiernan, PhD, 379th, and Sara Patterson, PhD, 483rd. 

To view the complete list and for more info about Blue Ridge Rankings visit:

Zachary Laird | 2/8/2024

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