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Oculofacial Plastics & Orbital Surgery

Oculofacial Plastics is the discipline of ophthalmology primarily concerned with the surgical repair of the area in and around the eye. Oculofacial Plastic surgeons are called upon to restore or make modification to the muscles and structures of the eye. These procedures are intended to restore compromised visual function. Deficits to visual function may be caused by disease (such as orbital tumors or Graves’ Disease), trauma (fractures) functional defects affecting alignment (strabismus/nystagmus), problems with the lacrimal system (tear glands) or aging (drooping eyelids). In addition specialists routinely treat persons with uncontrolled blinking of the eye (blepharospasm). Oculofacial Plastic surgeons routinely perform cosmetic procedures as well including brow lifts, fillers, lid surgery and administer botulinum (botox) to reduce the appearance of aging.

Surgical expertise at FEI includes treatment of orbital tumors, socket reconstruction, eyelid repair, and orbital decompression, as well as correction of paralytic strabismus and medically necessitated botox for blepharospasm.

Our Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons

Mithra Gonzalez, M.D. (Oculofacial Plastic Surgery)