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URMC / Family Medicine / Medical Student Education / Family Medicine Acting Internship (FAMEXT)


Family Medicine Acting Internship (FAMEXT)

Course Director: Nina Piazza, MD
Contact: Phone: (585) 273-5677 or (585) 279-4833 (Anne Holcomb)
601 Elmwood Avenue, Rochester, NY 14642
Course Location: Highland Hospital - student will be advised where to go
Block Length: 4 weeks
Course Offered: 8-10 blocks offered throughout the academic year; check date availability and enroll at the University of Rochester Medical School Registrar's Office through MedSIS
Number of Students:  1 per block
Prerequisite(s):  All core third-year clerkships (OBG 300, PED300, SUR300, MED300, NEU300)


To provide senior level medical students interested in Family Medicine (FM) with a clinical experience working on the inpatient family medicine team. The acting intern will assume primary responsibility for assigned inpatients, including cross-cover, well newborns and low risk maternity patients, under the direct supervision of upper level residents and attending physicians.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the rotation the student should be able to:

  • Assume primary responsibility for assigned patients, to include formulation of diagnostic and treatment plans, coordination care, and planning for discharge
  • Broaden understanding of pathophysiology and advance clinical problem-solving skills 
  • Understand the influence of family, community and society on patient and family surrounding episodes of inpatient care 
  • Enhance interviewing and physical examination skills
  • Focus oral and written communication appropriately
  • Share information effectively with patient and family
  • Prioritize and organize work effectively
  • Function as a team player with residents, attendings, nurses, and ancillary staff, including effectively participating in patient hand-offs
  • Perform commonly used procedures

Schedule of Activities

The FM inpatient service at Highland Hospital has several components: caring for hospitalized adults on the medicine service, low-risk obstetrics patients on Labor and Delivery and their newborns in the nursery, as well as one family medicine continuity clinic session per week.

  • First 2 weeks: Inpatient medicine team C
  • Second 2 weeks: Inpatient medicine team C and newborn nursery
  • Inpatient OB: As schedule allows and patients in labor in afternoons and 1 evening per week. Goal 4 deliveries for 4 week long rotation.

Didactic Activities

The acting intern attends teaching conferences with the resident team, including:

  • FM morning report on Mondays from 7:30 - 8:30 on East 4. The sub-intern will present one case during the rotation.
  • Noon conferences on South 5 (lunch included)
  • Sign out rounds at 4 PM in the Napadano room
  • Thursday afternoon FM teaching every other week may be included if the service is light

Required Reading

Aquifer cases, to be assigned via email prior to beginning the rotation.

Student Evaluations

Acting interns are evaluated by their supervising residents, interns, and attending physicians using the online system. Grades are assigned by the acting internship grading committee based on these evaluations.