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Data Science

Imagine living in a world where a mobile device predicts when you are at high risk for sudden cardiac arrest, and alerts you to take action to prevent a potentially fatal event; health care costs less, yet provides precision medicine tailored to your individual genetic makeup; physicians and public health officials receive real-time information that stops viral epidemics and biological threats before they spread; and computational modeling permits faster design of new drugs and more efficient clinical trials. These four scenarios are our future thanks to data science.
The University of Rochester is at the forefront of understanding data in this new world. Through our Health Sciences Center for Computational
Innovation (HSCCI) and in partnership with New York State, we acquired the
Blue Gene/Q technology—IBM’s latest super-computer—to become one of the top five most powerful university-based supercomputing sites in the nation. This allows us to make sense of large amounts of data and create complex models that have vast potential to advance human health. Our HSCCI VISTA Collaboratory—an 8’ x 20’ high definition display wall connected directly to our supercomputers—is where data comes to life. VISTA creates an immersive, multidimensional experience that gives our scientists access to new data visualization tools that identify patterns, relationships, and features in the data that would otherwise have gone unrecognized.
With your support, we can lead the development of treatments and preventions tailored to your needs, safeguard the nation from emerging epidemics, and serve as a model for health care delivery.
Please contact Dianne Moll to learn more about ways you can help: Call (585) 273-5506 or email