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Vascular surgery research highlights

Basic Science: Doran Mix, MD in collaboration with Scott Cameron ’01M (MS), ’03M (PhD):  
-Role of olfactory sensors on platelets of patient with abdominal aortic aneurysms (submitted for R01 grant)
-Modulation of platelet phenotype in patients with chronic venous insufficiency (presented at the Vascular Research Initiatives Conference)
-Modulation of platelet phenotype in patients with peripheral vascular disease (recently published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis and Vascular Biology PMID: 29724818)  

Dr. Mix in collaboration with Mark Buckley, PhD:
-Viscoelasticity of thoracic and abdominal aortic aneruysmsal tissue 

Imaging Science: Dr. Mix in collaboration with Michael Richards ’01 (BS), PhD 
-Utilization of 3D printed hydrogel phantoms for validation of 2D ultrasound strain imaging (recently published in Ultrasound Medicine and Biology PMID: 28728780)
-A clinical trial of 2D ultrasound imaging for ultrasound strain measurements (awarded R21 Grant)

Clinical Science: Dr. Michael Stoner and Dr. Mix
-Utilization of AI technology for regional health care system tracking of patients with abdominal aortic aneurysmal disease (submission in progress) 
-FDA IDE for branched thoracic endografts (submission in progress)
- Outcomes following left subclavian artery coverage during TEVAR for trauma
- Reintervention rates following EVAR based on anticoagulation and antiplatelet use
- Outcomes following distal lower extremity bypass for patients on HD
- Association of sac shrinkage with the TREO aortic endograft
- Outcomes following percutaneous access during TEVAR for trauma
- Outcomes following fasciotomy for patients on ECMO
- Evaluation of a cardiovascular disease risk profile with moderate/severe carotid disease
- Regional differences in ultrasound-guided vascular access in the Vascular Quality Initiative
- Opioid use following vascular surgery
     - Inpatient and outpatient use following carotid revascualrization
     - Inpatient and outpatient use following EVAR
     - Outpatient use following lower extremity bypass
- Multi-center case series evaluating retrograde access for proximal lesions with TCAR
- TCAR instructional video for the American College of Surgeons