Health Research

Healthy Volunteer Studies

If you would like to participate in health research as the healthy volunteer, below is a list of studies accepting healthy volunteers

IdStudy TitleThe Question the Study Seeks to Answer
10151Natural History Study of the Development of Type 1 DiabetesIs Type 1 Diabetes Part of Your Family Tree?
10450Brain Training to Promote Health in Family Dementia CaregiversCan certain brain training activities promote cognitive, emotional, and physical health in dementia caregivers age 55-85?
10454Improving Well-Being for Older Adult Family Dementia CaregiversCan attending a brief small-group program designed to reduce stress and promote health and wellness, lead to measurable improvements in immune health as well as physical and emotional well-being in dementia caregivers?
10490Immune Response in Allergic FamiliesPregnant or Just Had A Baby and do you or someone in your family have allergies?
10532George: the Huntington Disease Smartphone AppThe purpose of this study is to objectively measure and quantify the symptoms of Huntington disease, measure daily variability of these symptoms, and assess how changes in the standard clinical assessments correlate with daily changes in symptoms.
10536The Getting Active Project (GAP Project)Can "Looking Back"(Life review) or "Giving Back" (Volunteering) improve quality of life and well-being in people age 60 and older?
10537Asthma RegistryAsthmatic and Healthy volunteers to join the asthma database
10554Breast Cancer: HOMING Study: Harvest of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from Patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) using the ParsortixTM PC1 SystemCan the new ParsotixTM PC1 system capture and harvest CTCs (circulating tumor cells) from blood and show that the cells can be used for different types of subsequent evaluations including cancer related gene expression evaluations?