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Hearing Sounds In Noise

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We are developing and testing computer models for hearing sounds in noise, for both normal-hearing listeners and listeners with hearing loss. The models are tested by comparing them to actual data from listeners who are detecting simple signals in noisy backgrounds.
The purpose of this research project is to develop and test computer models for how people with hearing loss hear sounds differently from normal-hearing people. Participants will come to the University of Rochester Medical Center for hearing tests, and listen for sounds buried in background noise. The results of these tests will allow us to refine computer models for the auditory system, and in the long term, to apply this knowledge to development of new signal-processing strategies for hearing aids.
URMC RM 1-5135

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Laurel Carney

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Laurel H. Carney
(585) 276-3948

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We are recruiting adults aged 18-80 who have a mild to moderate hearing loss that is about equal in both ears. We will test your hearing before the study begins to verify that your hearing loss is symmetric and in the mild to moderate range. If you participate in this study, you will listen to sounds delivered by headphones or by a loudspeaker and respond using a computer keypad or a mouse. You will be instructed to listen for certain sounds, such as a very brief tone ('beep'), noisy sounds with amplitude fluctuations, speech or music. In some cases, the sound will be presented at the same time as a background noise, which makes it more difficult to hear the features that are being detected. Listening sessions will typically last 1.5-2 hours each, and can be conducted one or more times a week, depending on your schedule. We expect a total of up to 4 listening sessions may be needed.
Compensation is $10.00 per hour.

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