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Essentials of Newborn Care for Individual Professionals

Essentials of Newborn Care for Individuals

The Essentials of Newborn Care program was developed for both new and experienced providers to understand the essentials of newborn care and complications.

The Essentials of Newborn Care 2.0 program covers:

  • Normal Newborn Care
  • Newborn Complications
  • Transition from Intrauterine to Extrauterine Life

Continuing Education Credit

The Essentials of Newborn Care is eligible for 20.0 CNE Contact Hours (4 Pharmacology Contact Hours.)

Essentials of Newborn Care Program Preview

Program Content

  • Describe the responsibilities of the nurse assigned to care for the newborn at the time of delivery.
  • Identify normal bonding behaviors displayed by the mother to her newborn.
  • Describe the process for determining a newborn’s gestational age based on the findings using the New Ballard Maturational Score.
  • Compare and contrast the small-for-gestational-age newborn to the large-for-gestational-age newborn.
  • Identify normal findings for each component of the newborn physical assessment.
  • Identify the three stages of lactogenesis.
  • List the risk factors for delayed onset of lactogenesis.
  • Identify the signs of adequate intake in the breastfeeding newborn.
  • Describe each recommended component of newborn screening as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Identify the key points that should be taught and discussed with the newborn’s parents during discharge planning.
  • Discuss characteristics and complications seen in the preterm and postterm newborn.
  • Discuss signs and symptoms of a newborn experiencing respiratory complications.
  • Describe nursing interventions for the newborn experiencing respiratory complications.
  • Identify common neonatal cardiac disorders.
  • List risk factors for neonatal hypoglycemia.
  • Differentiate between physiologic jaundice and hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn.
  • Describe effects of maternal drug abuse on the newborn.
  • Identify signs and symptoms of infection/sepsis in the newborn.
  • Describe the intrauterine physiology of the fetal respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  • Identify the transitional process of the neonatal respiratory, cardiovascular, glucose metabolism, and thermoregulatory systems.
  • Describe the impact of maternal and intrapartum complications on the neonate’s successful transition to extrauterine life.
  • List common problems seen during the neonatal transition to extrauterine life.
  • Preparing for Delivery
  • Initial Assessment of the Newborn 
    • The ‘ABCs’ of Newborn Breathing
    • Apgar Scoring
    • Assessing Vital Signs
    • Umbilical Cord Care and Cord Clamping
    • Newborn Identification
    • Eye Prophylaxis
    • Vitamin K Needs Assessment
    • Routine Assessment of Blood Glucose
    • Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine
  • Promoting Maternal-Newborn Attachment
  • Gestational Development Estimation
  • Physical Assessment
  • Newborn Feeding
  • Continued Newborn Care
  • Newborn Safety and Care Education for the Parents
  • Circumcision
  • Newborn Screening
  • Critical Congenital Heart Defect (CCHD) Screening
  • Discharge Planning and Teaching
  • High-Risk Newborn Risk Factors
  • Newborn Classification
  • Respiratory Complications
  • Congenital Cardiac Complications and Defects
  • Hypoglycemia of the Newborn
  • Jaundice in the Newborn
  • Newborns of Mothers with a History of Drug Abuse
  • Infection/Sepsis in the Newborn
  • Respiratory System
  • Circulatory system
  • Glucose Metabolism
  • Thermoregulation

After completing the Essentials of Newborn Care program, the learner can complete the post test to test their knowledge of the program. After successful completion of the post test, a printable certificate of competition is available immediately and an emailed certificate is sent by email automatically.

Cost - 2023 Calender Year Access

Individual access to the Essentials of Newborn Care program with 20 CNE Contact Hours, including 4 Pharmacology Contact Hours: $250 per person

How to Purchase

Purchase individual access to the Essentials of Newborn Care program with 20 CNE Contact Hours in our online store.

To purchase individual access to the Essentials of Newborn Care program with 20 CNE Contact Hours by phone, call us directly at toll-free 1-800-285-2366.

GROUPS: Learn more about Group Access to the Essentials of Newborn Care program.