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Standardized Patient Program

The Standardized Patient Program has been an integral component of high quality, realistic health care training designed to meet the developing needs of all the branches of the medical center and greater community since 1999. The program is supported by two staff members who recruit, train, and schedule a pool of approximately 150 standardized patients (SPs). The SP pool is representative of the diverse ethnic and racial demographics of the greater community and range in age from 16-80 years old.

SPs are carefully trained to accurately, reproducibly, and realistically re-create the history, physical findings, and psychological and emotional responses of the patient in a clinical setting or situation. They allow learners to practice effective communication and examination techniques with real people in a safe learning environment, without fatiguing actual patients. They are trained to give non-judgmental, formative feedback to the learner.

The use of standardized patients to improve communication and interpersonal skills of medical professionals is well established in helping train the next generation of care providers.


For additional information about our Standardized Patient Program, please contact:

Marlee Gaby-Dater
SP Recruiting & Training
(585) 275-8243

Keri Mead
SP Recruiting & Billing
(585) 273-1459