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Reproductive Health

Reproductive Epidemiology

imageI am very interested in human reproduction-fertility, fecundity, sexuality, and pregnancy. At the center of this interest is the “woman” and how she is defined by socio-cultural norms and expectations. The Anto-Ocrah laboratory operates with the framework proposed by Richardson et al advocating for a positivist consideration of motherhood and pregnancy. We consider the role of fathers, communities and societies in female sexuality, maternal, and fetal health outcomes.


  • Cross-cultural antenatal healthcare seeking behaviors during COVID-19; views of pregnant women in Ghana and the US
  • Seasonality, Food Insecurity, and Infant Feeding Practices in Malawi
  • Fatherhood in Ghana
  • Prevalence and Help-Seeking Behavior for Female Sexual Dysfunction in Volta Region, Ghana


Female Concussion, Reproduction and Sexuality

My interest in this area of research began in 2016, during my epidemiology doctoral training. I knew I wanted a dissertation research that was focused on reproductive epidemiology, but it was not until I met Dr. Jeff Bazarian that my interests in the neuroepidemiology of concussion-related reproductive outcomes was ignited.

Though much is known about the detrimental effects of concussion on male fertility and reproduction, the literature on the effects of the head injury on women’s reproduction and sexuality is sparse. My currently emerging work in this area, is dedicated to exploring the gender gaps in concussion research, particularly as it pertains to female sexuality and reproduction.



  • Sexual and Reproductive Function after Concussion

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