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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Farran Briggs
Farran Briggs, Ph.D.
MC 6.8545
Phone: (585) 276-3736
Email Farran
Research Interest: Focus on understanding how specific neuronal circuits in the early visual system encode visual information and how attention impacts the encoding of visual information.

Research Staff

Brianna Carr
Brianna Carr
Laboratory Technician
MC 6.7569
Phone: (585) 276-5870
Marc Mancarella
Marc Mancarella
Technical Associate
KMRB 6.7569
Phone: (585) 276-2870

Graduate Students

Research Interest: Identifying corticogeniculate neurons in extrastriate visual cortex
Allison Murphy
Research Interest: Role of corticogeniculate feedback in vision
Shraddha Shah
Research Interest: Neural mechanisms of visual attention
Jingyi Yang
Research Interest: Plasticity in the early visual system
Silei Zhu
Research Interest: The functions of corticogeniculate feedback in visual behaviors