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BME 462 Cell & Tissue Engineering Course

Work: Term research paper with presentation
Exams: 2 midterms and 1 final
Prerequisites: BME 260, CHE225, CHE243, CHE244 or permission of instructor

Spring Semester, 4 Cr.

Course Description: This course teaches the principles of modern cell and tissue engineering with a focus on understanding and manipulating the interactions between cells and their environment. After a brief overview of Cell and Tissue Engineering, the course covers 5 areas of the field. These are:

  • Physiology for Tissue Engineering
  • Bioreactors and biomolecule production
  • Materials for Tissue Engineering
  • Cell Cultures and bioreactors
  • Drug Delivery and Drug Discovery

Within each of these topics the emphasis is on analytical skills and instructors will assume knowledge of chemistry, mass transfer, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and physiology consistent with the Cell and Tissue Engineering Track in BME. In a term project, graduate students must identify a technological need and present orally and in writing a proposal to meet the need.