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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Alison ElderAlison Elder, Ph.D.
MRBX 3-11110
Phone: (585) 275-2324

Defining the impact of inhaled ambient and workplace nano-/ultrafine particle-containing aerosols on the lung, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system, and defining the toxicological properties of the particles that are associated with a response.


Robert GeleinRobert Gelein, B.S.
Phone: (585) 275-3800

Günter OberdörsterGünter Oberdörster, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Phone: (585) 275-3804

Biokinetics, Effects and Mechanisms of Inhaled Micro- and Nano- Particles: Dosimetry, Risk Extrapolation and Risk Assessment

Technicians and Staff

David ChalupaDavid Chalupa
Technical Associate
Phone: (585) 273-2159

Andrea KennellAndrea Kennell
Laboratory Technician
Phone: (585) 275-3800

Pamela Wade-MercerPamela Wade-Mercer
Technical Associate
Phone: (585) 275-3821

Graduate Students

Denise HerrDenise Herr
Graduate Student
Phone: (585) 275-3821

The effects of ultrafine particulates from air pollution on the progression of Alzheimer's Disease.

Katrina JewKatrina Jew
Graduate Student

The effects of ultrafine particles from air pollution on the behavioral and pathological progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Candace WongCandace Wong
Graduate Student

Studying the effects of ambient ultrafine particles on the biodistribution of tracer nanoparticles in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model.