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VLAA: Visual Language Access & Acquisition Lab

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Welcome to the Visual Language Access & Acquisition (VLAA) Lab

The VLAA Lab focuses on the influence of early childhood language experiences on overall quality of life outcomes across the lifespan for deaf communities. For many deaf people, the language and communication approaches in their early childhood impacts their development in positive and negative ways. Historically, the choices made related to these language approaches have been mired in unproductive politics that stymie new thinking and approaches that may best support deaf children to become healthy deaf adults. The VLAA Lab seeks to contribute scientific evidence that advances productive dialogue in early intervention and education systems for deaf children.

The VLAA Lab also focuses on the social epidemics of language deprivation and communication neglect in deaf communities. These phenomenons are considered and explored within a multidiscplinary lens of cognition, neuro- and socioemotional development, mental health, education, quality of life, and overall public health.


  • Wilmot Future Deaf Scientists Program
  • Measure of Deaf Childhood Experience
  • Signing-on-the-Fly: Technology Preferences to Reduce Communication Gap Between Hearing Parents and Deaf Children
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Equity and Access: Case Study for Health Care Chatbots
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Aldalur A, Hall WC, DeAndrea-Lazarus IA. “No Taxation Without Representation: Addressing the “Deaf Tax” in Academic Medicine.” Academic Medicine, vol. 97, no. 8, 7 July 2022, pp.1123-1127.

Dye T, Levandowski B, Siddiqi S, Ramos JP, Li D, Sharma S, Muir E, Wiltse S, Royzer R, Panko T, Hall W, Barbosu M, Irvine C, Pressman E. “Non-medical COVID-19 Related personal Impact in Medical Ecological Perspective: A Global Multileveled, Mixed Method Study.” MedRxiv. 2 Jan. 2021.

Murray, Joseph J. PhD; Hall, Wyatte C. PhD; Snoddon, Kristin PhD. “The Importance of Signed Languages for Deaf Children and Their Families.” The Hearing Journal. vol. 73 no.3, March 2020, pp. 30,32, DOI: 10.1097/01.HJ.0000657988.24659.f3

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Upcoming Events

The Silent Child Virtual Event Flyer

I am thrilled to be a panelist for "The Silent Child", a virtual seminar discussing the need for sign language and community for deaf children.

Learn more about the seminar, find links to the film, and register for the event.

Hope to see you there!

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