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Available Rotations

Encoding and Integration of Faces and Vocalizations in the Frontal Lobe of Primates

Rotation will involve assisting in daily recording sessions with rhesus macaques trained in a memory task involving short movies of monkey vocalizations. We will record from single neurons in the ventral prefrontal cortex and determine the neuronal response to congruent and incongruent face and vocal stimuli. Daily activities will include training and handling of macaques, team recording sessions, data entry and review and data analysis.

Anatomical Circuits that Convey Auditory and Visual Information to the Frontal Lobe

Rotation will focus on analyzing the connections of the prefrontal cortex with other cortical association regions involved with auditory and visual processing. We have previously placed anatomical tracers into auditory and visual prefrontal regions. In this rotation we will process these cases using standard histological techniques and immunocyotochemical localization of several tracers including fluoro-ruby, fluoro-emerald, Lucifer yellow and fast blue. After the sections have been processed and photographed the resulting retrograde cells and anterograde fibers will be charted using the digitizing program NeuroLucida. All images will be summarized via 3-D reconstructions so they are publication-ready.

For specific questions, please contact Prof. Romanski.