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Inflatable-Penile Prosthetics

Award Winning Surgical Video: AUA2020

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This procedure is for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction due to a number of causes. In the event that all other treatments have failed (medications, injections therapy etc.) the patient can opt to undergo this surgery. The procedure consists of two balloon apparatuses that are placed in each respective corpora cavernosa, a pump apparatus that is placed in the layers of the scrotum, and a fluid reservoir that is placed infrapubicly. The device works by using the scrotal pump to inflate the corporal balloons in the corpora which simulates penile erection.

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The procedure contains the possibility for many complications for both the surgeon and the patient. Improper measurements and poor prosthesis placement can lead to infections, a misshapen penis and/or wasted prosthesis which cost thousands of dollars.Training for this procedure is extremely limited to cadaveric models which are expensive and difficult to obtain. Our model offers a full procedural simulation that allows for multiple approaches and various prosthesis placement techniques. The model has customizable internal anatomy which can create situations and complications of varying difficulties that can challenge both residents and attendings.

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