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EHSC Welcomes Dr. Martha Susiarjo

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


The Environmental Health Sciences Center (EHSC) would like to welcome Dr. Martha Susiarjo to URMC.

Dr. Martha Susiarjo applies her background in epigenetics to understanding whether epigenetic regulation of genes contributes to gene-environment interaction during early development. She joins us as Assistant Professor from the University of Pennsylvania, where she recently completed her postdoc studying environmental estrogens and regulation of imprinted genes (genes contributed by only one parent). Dr. Susiarjo employs a mouse model to understand the mechanism(s) by which environmental exposures -- obesogenic endocrine disrupting chemicals in particular -- during in utero development can shape the future health outcomes of the offspring. She hopes to identify mechanisms in order to better inform exposure prevention efforts.

Dr. Susiarjo looks forward to collaborating with center members to utilize her expertise in epigenetics, especially DNA methylation, in various models of environmental perturbations. She also hopes collaborative efforts can elucidate how nutritional intervention may provide protective effects on environment-induced developmental outcomes.